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Intrigue. 21. She/her. College student, working with/on video games. I seem really uptight but I'm not, I swear. I like to laugh and have many the funs.

I reblog/post Transformers, Pokemon, lots of video game things (Fallout, Dragon Age, Sam and Max, Dynasty Warriors, and many others,) cute things, creepy things, stories I like, things I relate to, things I agree with, etc. In general, this blog is a LOT happier a place than it used to be.

I have a serious obsession with villains and evil dudes. I do music as well; I'm a full-time lech.



my counselor said it might be good therapy for me so I’m gon start an art journal and try to draw regularly again

I’d be glad to help you with stuff! I’d love to doodle with you!


ok, so I was drawing centaurs, yeah, and then WHAT IF WE REVERSE THE CENTAUR ??

MyDearMotherInLaw likes pestering others.
When meeting others, MyDearMotherInLaw would attack if they are weaker.
that’s it; it’s done. i’ve found the most perfect neopet on the site. we can all go home now.


when we talk about women in refrigerators it’s not always something super literal

i don’t imagine in writers room across the globe they’re all sitting there like “well we’re out of ideas let’s fridge another one” (but maybe they do i have no idea)

but what’s happening consciously or unconsciously writers are deciding that women are more valuable dead then alive. this goes way back. this is poe saying there’s nothing more poetic than the death of a beautiful woman. this is a dozen pre raphaelite paintings of ophelia drowning because they found her suffering erotic. this is the first reaction to laura palmer’s body being found being, “she was so beautiful.”

fuck this. fuck this.

i’m sick of writers getting passes. fuck this. our strong women are taken from us. we don’t get survivors. we don’t get triumph. women get chopped into artistic little pieces for the male heroes to choke own because we’re more valuable this way. because this way you don’t have to worry about our hopes and fears and opinions because we’re dead and dead women tell no tales. they can’t speak out against injustice because men took their tongues. and they think it’s beautiful. death, the ultimate passivity, the ultimate waiting room, is the most beautiful thing of all. there’s nothing more poetic than the death of a beautiful woman.

women matter. they matter when they are living. not listening to women while they’re still breathing is a failure and should not be regarded as anything else. it is a failure with very serious effects


This was one of the greatest moments in television history.



fuck bees



in west narnia born and raisedthrough the wardrobe was where i spent most of my days